NO SWEEPING! A Major 6 String Skipping Arpeggio

Continuing on the theme of playing arpeggios without using the overused arpeggio sweeping technique (urgh! dont get me started on that! No Im NOT anti sweeping but I do think it is waaaay overused by guitar players these days but thats another topic!)

Another one of my favourite Paul Gilbert-isms is his arpeggios using different chord types like Major 6ths and 13ths etc...

Here is an A Major 6th arpeggio using a wide string skipping technique.  One note on the first string followed by three notes on the next and another three notes on the third string.


The first example is the basic pattern with no ornamentation like hammer-ons or pull offs


This next example is one with a pattern of ornaments that I may use.  I play a Lydian modal variation of this arpeggio in the The Cilikis song, Back To The Future in the Key of D major.  The modal variation is made by altering the highest E to a D# gives a nice modal #4 flavour to the run.




Cool Dominant 7b9 arpeggio

Trawling though old tabs and lesson material, I stumbled onto a few tab snippets that I thought might be of interest to a few people.

This is an interesting dominant 7 flat 9 arpeggio that I converted into a sequence.  Kind of a jarring, diminished quality to it.  This particular arpeggio / sequence is in the key of F Major and is based on the C7b9 chord.




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