B-MACS Vlog #10 - New El Cheapo Guitar Day - Not all, are as bad as you think

I needed a new work guitar as I've hit a stumbling block with my old acoustic guitars, well more like neglect really. Too much damage has forced me to get myself a new guitar! It may be new but its a dead set El cheapo Cash Converters Freedom Brand classical guitar that, to my surprise, just so happens to be not so bad after all! Here is a quick product review of Freedom Guitars cheapo

A lot of my guitar students use this brand as its a cheap alternative for parents instead of offloading too much cash on something that might not end up being used.

My Maton and Camps guitars both need repairs and as im a little skint right now, they will need to wait until I get some other repairs done that need doing first, like my Marshall guitar amp that needs its bias board fixed.


FREE BMC Guitar Effects Backing Tracks and the XF-1 Circuit

Well I've decided to create my own set of backing tracks and jam tracks! The idea came up while looking for something cool to record a test of a pedal prototype that ive been working on.  The backing tracks I record will be completely royalty free and free to download and re-use as you see fit. 

The backing tracks are available to download at http://bmcguitar.com.au/backingtracks.shtml

The only thing that I ask is that you credit me for the use of the jam tracks and link to this website http://bmcguitar.com.au

The pedal circuit I've been working on is called the XF-1 circuit (X meaning experimental).  I have a thing for naming things using an aviation style of labelling, its naff I know but hey, I like it.)  It has two controls at the moment, one is the overall volume and the other is the colour.  Colour controls the circuit gain between the buffer and the second stage.  The amount of distortion is not a lot as I'm trying to design a pedal that is not designed to go over the top but to colour / sweeten / flavour the guitar tone rather than smoosh the crap out of it....

I like boost pedals, subtle gain staging and signal colouring and signal saturation techniques.  This gives me much greater control over my tone than just using a stacks of different high gain pedals.  This pedal is still in the prototype / design stage so it will be a while until something comes along for people to sample.


Here is a video of a jazzy jam track in A Flat that I uploaded today.  You can download the backing track from http://bmcguitar.com.au/backingtracks.shtml

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