Updated guitar lesson cancellation pricing policy

As of TODAY, 6th February 2018, due to an increase in late notice and same day guitar lesson cancellations, I have instituted a lesson cancellation fee for all booked guitar lessons.

If you cancel your guitar lesson on the same day of the booked timeslot or without at least 24 hours notice, cancellations will attract a FEE of 50% of the guitar lesson rate you booked in for. 

These cancellation fee's are as follows


$15 for cancelled 1/2 hour timeslot

$25 for cancelled full hour timeslot.


All fortnightly lessons (unless moved to another week apart) will attract the full fee for the lesson cancellation

Note that you will NOT get charged a fee if you move your lesson to another time slot that day or another day for that week or book a make-up lesson.

For full details of the pricing policy please go to http://bmcguitar.com.au/terms.shtml


Thank you


BMC Guitar FX Low-mid gain overdrive effects prototype

Prototype board etch and drilling complete! Now for some electronics! This is a prototype I've been working on to colour my guitar signal chain with. Its based on the Electra distortion circuit but with some additional flavouring from me! The stock electra sounds ok but doesn't sound right to me so I tweaked it and added some #options and lessened the distortion. Yes, LESSENED.




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