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Some cool stuff - June 25, 2015
Brendan McLaughlin
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Site Update - June 19, 2015

Quick update to say that the website will be going through another layout change.  Ive moved  a couple of things around already and removed some redundant content that has no relevance.  The blog will not be the primary news feed anymore and will be just used as a regular blog and news updates will be done another way using fixed HTML pages.  Why ? because I like a hands on web approach and automated websites take the fun out of the web.  Not that im against blog driven or database driven websites, I just like the old hand coded HTML method.

Brendan McLaughlin
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Ive been looking to sink my teeth into tube guitar amp design and came across this tube amp kit on Ebay.  Its a 1 watt beam pentode power tube kit for $99 designed to run off a 12v AC power supply (something like this).  Ive heard some demos of this little amp and sounds super clean with a nice fender’ish low break up tone.  I figured this would be a great little project that would be something I could use to play around with or test pedals with (depending on weather or not it will take pedals or not).

Remember if you intend on delving into the world tube amps, remember that they utilise potentially fatal voltages.  If you are in any way unfamiliar with high voltage circuits or are uncomfortable around high voltages, do not attempt it.

Heres a video I found of a guy who put one together and for a low watt DIY tube amp, it sounds rather impressive to me.

Brendan McLaughlin
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