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I am located in Birkdale and provide guitar lessons in all areas from Wellington Point, Birkdale, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba etc right through to Norman Park, East Brisbane to Coorparoo, Mt Gravatt etc.  There is no need to come all the way to Birkdale for lessons, I will come to you if required.


  • $30 per half hour lesson
  • $40 per 45 minute lesson
  • $50 for a full hour lesson

Current fee structure as of 27th of September 2013

  • Payment for two guitar lessons in advance.  The two lessons in advance fee’s are payable on the day of the first lesson
  • You will be required to purchase your own guitar and guitar tuner. Have it with you for each lesson.
  • All guitar music and other resources provided as needed.

All lessons are customised to your needs.  I will evaluate your guitar playing capabilities and structure the lessons and materials (either print or from online)  for you specifically.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me or email.

Contact Brendan on 0415 955 356 or email 

For more information about myself and what I do, please click here to see the about page

Latest news and articles
Site changes……Again - April 7, 2014

Hello hello!  You’ve probably noticed that the colour scheme of the website has changed.  Well this is because I am now adopting a new colour scheme used on my Twitter etc.  The old scheme was temporary until I could settle on what I wanted.  This seems to be the one I like the most.

Also the sites news and content source will be changing.  I am currently using WordPress to manage the article content and I found a better way to mange my content the way I like to do it plus I want to distribute the content across multiple sites.  Yes I know I can do it using WordPress but I need something that will work to my needs better.  This will allow me to implement a more bulletin board style system and allow for comments (yes WordPress does it too) but I want a change!  :p

More to come including more about pedals and BMC Workshop Cam while messing around with guitar pedals and effect design, all I need now is the time!  Busy Busy.

Brendan McLaughlin
Neptune’s Universe - February 16, 2014

In November 2013, my band had a gig at the Indooroopilly Hotel in Brisbane. Our gig was recorded by Willy Thurbon of Performance Recording. We just finished mixing and mastering the first songs of this release. It will be released as part of our next EP release that we are currently recording. But in the mean time, here is one of our full tracks called Neptune’s Universe.

Brendan McLaughlin
Social Media? No More Thanks - February 11, 2014

As of today, BMC GUITAR EFFECTS and Brendan McLaughlin Guitar Teaching will only be updating content on this website directly and no content will be added to our Facebook pages anymore.  The only content that will be posted to Facebook will be a link directing you to THIS website.

The reason for this is the lack of Facebook activity that the pages receive.  Its is wasting my time even posting to Facebook anyway, people need to be members of Facebook just to engage with the page and that is nothing short of useless!  I make posts to these pages and Facebook actively blocks these said posts and distributes them to only a handful of people who like the Facebook page (not all them as you would think).  If people do not engage with the post (IE like, share or comment for example), the post will NOT appear in anyone’s news feeds.  The reason they do this is so that they can drive Facebook page owners to spend money on advertising to get more likes and supposedly generate some sort of engagement in that fashion.

For proof of this, a video was released by Derek Muller, the owner and producer of one of my favorite YouTube channels, Veritasium.  The video has validated a number of suspicions that I’d had all along.  My posts were going, quite literally, NO WHERE!  This doesn’t just happen on my Facebook Page but also occurs on my bands Facebook page as well as my partners Dog Grooming business page.  Facebook wants you to spend money on advertising the posts instead of the “word of mouth” viral spread.  This cannot happen, I cannot afford to advertise on a medium that is built specifically for ACTIVE engagement not passive engagement (IE people can still like things and not share them or actively click LIKE).  There is no use paying for something if people aren’t going to engage with it in an active, physical way.

ANYWAY! To cut it short, all posts from now on will be directed to this website and the only content to reach Facebook will be a simple link to the post on this website, Google Plus and Twitter.

Heres the video that Derek posted this morning about this very issue that confirmed my suspicions about my own content.  Luckily though, ive never paid for further facebook page reach or even extra likes.



Here’s some links where you can find BETTER content from this website rather than the off chance that a Facebook post might end up in your news feed.

* BMC Guitar Effects on Google Plus
* ME On Google Plus
* BMC Guitar Effects on TWITTER (the most up to date content is on twitter)
* BMC Guitar Effects on YouTube Channel
* My band, The Cilikis Progressio Project on YouTube

Brendan McLaughlin
BMC Lithium Overdrive - January 15, 2014

Introducing the new BMC Guitar Effects Lithium Overdrive

Photographs available:


A medium gain, transparent blues overdrive pedal.  This overdrive has a wide range of drive tones from clean / transparent boosting to a bluesy smooth textured overdrive when the drive is cranked.

I designed this pedal for use with my progressive fusion metal band for use with sections that required a more cleaner, bluesier drive rather than the tube amp drive that I would normally use.

This circuit was also designed to drive a tube amps OD channel into massive saturation without sounding like its lost its bottom end.  The Lithium overdrive has a body control that allows you to control the amount of bottom end in the overdrive section of the circuit.  This is handy if you need to increase the bottom end response of the circuit.

Controls: Volume, Drive, Tone and Body.. Drive increases the amount of overdrive / distortion, tone controls the amount of high frequency throughput and Body filters the amount of bottom end bass frequencies. More body the more juicier/thicker and bluesier the overdrive sounds.

How does the pedal sound ?

More details to come and pricing and availability soon!


Brendan McLaughlin
Rock City Live - January 11, 2014

My band recently played at Rock City rehearsals new upstairs entertainment lounge.  Rock City is where my band does most of its rehearsals.  It was recently bought by Paul Burridge and done up.  He built up the top floor into a place for bands to play.

Here are some videos of our performance November 2nd 2013….. Enjoy!


Brendan McLaughlin