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I am located in Birkdale and provide guitar lessons in all areas from Wellington Point, Birkdale, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba etc right through to Norman Park, East Brisbane to Coorparoo, Mt Gravatt etc. There is no need to come all the way to Birkdale for lessons, I will come to you if required.


  • $30 per half hour lesson
  • $40 per 45 minute lesson
  • $50 for a full hour lesson

For futher details and information, click here! or click the Guitar Lessons in the menu

Contact Brendan on 0415 955 356 or email
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Brendan McLaughlin
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The BMC Lithium overdrive pedal is now a full TRUE BYPASS guitar effects pedal.  More details at

Brendan McLaughlin
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Unusual Conversations - October 20, 2014

After about a year of writing, rehearsing and recording along with the perpetual interruptions of life, my band, The Cilikis, have finally managed to get our second album released.

Check it out!

For our second instalment of “The Cilikis’s” recording history, we again decided to procure the facilities of our good friend, recording studio owner and all round good guy Paulie from Rock City Studios. Again we decided to record the EP with no click tracks or quantising so as to keep the recordings as human sounding as possible… but we did use auto tune on the vocals.

As usual, we like to keep the process of recording and creation of our music as DIY as possible, and true to this, we have kept the production and packaging of this CD completely in house.

This recording represents a musical shift away from the expected guitar focused metal style. We have taken on a more jazz / metal fusion focus with our writing in order to produce what we believe is our best work to-date. Expect more!

If you would like a copy of this digital album, you can buy a downloaded copy from our online website at All transactions are secure and only $5.  CD’s will be available for purchase soon.

We also have a second edition available of the same album.  Its the Unusual Conversations, HD edition.  The High Dynamic range version is mastered much quieter than the main release and is more designed for those who intend to listen to the record in one go, while the louder more compressed edition will work well in a randomised play list.

Brendan McLaughlin
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The Cilikis and Inhailed - October 17, 2014

My band, The Cilikis Progressio Project is opening a gig tonight at the Currumbin Creek Tavern along with several other bands including a long time friends death metal band, Inhailed with some other gold coast bands like Dont Waste The Paint and Necient along with Decryptus from Murwillumbah

Click here for the Facebook event if you’re on Facebook

OR here is the details
3 Traders Way, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia 4223

Friday 17th October 2014, Doors 7pm, $10 cover charge

Bands list

The Cilikis Progressio Project Gold Coast/Redlands 8.00pm – 8.30

Don’t Waste The Paint Gold Coast 8.45 – 9.15pm

Inhailed Sunshine Coast 9.30pm – 10pm

Decryptus Murwillumbah 10.15pm – 10.45 pm

Nescient Gold Coast 11pm – 11.30pm

Brendan McLaughlin
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Insane in the brain! - September 28, 2014

I love chilli’s MMM! Growing some of my own chilli’s!  The experiment to see if I can make this work.  Habanero and Amigo Inferno chilli’s (I think its a Serrano chilli but I cant be 100% sure)

Check the progress here.  Only had them a week in their pots.  Fingers crossed by summer time these should fruit.  MMM!! De-lish!

Brendan McLaughlin
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Scale Modes - August 30, 2014

Ive been hunting for a good description of scale modes and how they are used and to be quite frank, guitar based demonstrations on YouTube are usually off target and lacking.  That is not to say they are wrong, its more like they aren’t describing the use of modes sufficiently and end up leaving a student more confused.  I’m guilty of this my self especially if a student has no real music theory knowledge, modes can be quite confusing at first and require a good working knowledge of music theory to get a good understanding of them and how they relate to their relative major scale parent and also tonic parent as well.

I have found this video recently which the gentleman describes the use of modes in a harmonic context.  His use of modal colour tones and mode characteristics (especially while improvising) really shows how modes should sound and react with an undertone of some description.

Check it out


Here is a demonstration on the guitarist by David Wallimann.  This is good demonstration of using a mode in Fusion guitar playing


Brendan McLaughlin
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BMC Dynamic Drive circuit - August 2, 2014

Ive been a bit quiet with my pedal designs recently and its not been for a lack of trying.  Combined with the cold weather and my work schedule, I have just had no time to myself to get some designs bread-boarded and tested.  I just recently finished designing a compressor pedal.  The circuit is done but requires some more tweaking before I box the prototype and test it out with the band.  I pulled that circuit off and started designing a simple overdrive pedal.

It all started with a circuit based on the Electra Distortion circuit.  Many pedal variants have been done by other pedal builders and this circuit is a great building block circuit.  The Electra distortion circuit sounds fantastic when running it into my Marshall DSL 100 head on the clean channel.  Its surprisingly light and crunchy sounding.  I figured that I should leap off of the Electra distortion circuit and design something a little more “comprehensive” for my needs.

I want a distortion that can serve as a multi-role pedal.   I want my pedals to serve more that “just overdrive”  or just boost.  Ive built a circuit that seems to fit my needs quite well, albeit circuit tone control needs a bit of tweaking before I can settle on a design to box and test with my band.

Here are some sample sounds that I have recorded using the pedal circuit driving into a Line6 POD 2.0 running into a VOX AC 30 model.  Some of the sounds also use the Fender Bassman model for some but generally, I like how the Vox model sounds..  The reason I recorded using a Line 6 Pod is because I heard in a Wampler Pedals podcast that Brian tests his designs with Guitar Rig or Amplitube or the like.  I think this is a fantastic idea if you havent got the amp collection to test with that some other places have and this gives me a general idea.  Its not the perfect solution, but it works.


Brendan McLaughlin
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Its my pleasure to announce new BMC Guitar Effects artist, The Stanley Knife from Australian metal band, Dead Kelly.  \m/ \m/

Click here to check out more info on the DirtBoost and its features

Brendan McLaughlin
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New times available - July 24, 2014

Some new guitar lesson slots have opened up on Friday afternoons from 3pm.  Get in touch with me if you would like too book a guitar lesson or move your existing time to Friday afternoons.

Brendan McLaughlin
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Check this out and be amazed! Tommy Emmanuel is a brilliant guitarist and one of Australia’s greatest musical exports.

Brendan McLaughlin
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